One of the things that was on top of my to-do list in Tokyo was to go visit the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro. At the time, there was literally no other reason for us to visit the Ikebukuro district than to see this but I gotta say I’m glad we did. The Pokemon center is located inside Sunshine City, a big mall that clearly caters to youth fashion and a great selection of activies and restaurants. You could find things like a GAP factory outlet, great cheap local brands and even an aquarium.

Pokemon Center

If you’re a fan of all things Pokemon, this is merchandise heaven. The prices of these merchandise varies, most of which I found to be quiet pricey, but hey anime merchandises are known to be expensive. Things like keychains range from ¥500-700, plushies at around ¥1000-2000, Snacks/curry at ¥120-1400 and phone cases can set you back ¥1700-2200. Make sure you step outside the store to see a mural of all the existing pokemons hidden behind the store as well as the arcade games just outside the cashier.

Donguri Kyowakoku (Studio Ghibli store)

If you’re familiar with such titles as Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery service, you will love this store. Though the Pokemon center was great and all, I felt like the merchandise sold at the Ghibli store to be on whole nother’ level. They appreciate detail, will ignite nostalgia and a great aesthetic addition for your home. You can find things like a calendar shaped after the mobile fortress from Howl’s Moving Castle, traditional Japanese homeware such as tea cups with movie references imprinted on it, a Kaonashi or ‘no face’ piggy bank (gotta appreciate these references) and ofcourse, giant Totoro dolls. Downside of it? You’ll leave the store with a hollow wallet as things sold here are relatively expensive

Sevendays Sunday and other great shopping

My favourite store in Sunshine City had to be Sevendays Sunday which had a great trendy selection of mensware like American university apparels, independent brands and the best part is, it’s relatively cheaper than most stores that you’d find in Harajuku or Shibuya. They have a womenswear section too and a great line of accessories.

Check out stores like Daiso for anything from Japanese confectionary to bathroom supplies for only ¥100+, ABC mart for shoes, Loft for stationaries and Anicute for Nippon Animation related merchandise. Otherwise, get lost in the mall and I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking.

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