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10 reasons why you should visit the Batu Caves

One of the perks of visiting Malaysia is that you get to experience so many different cultures in one go. Kuala Lumpur’s Batu Caves is one the most visited Hindu temple outside of India and here are the reasons why:

1. It’s a quick 20 minute train ride from the city center

From KL sentral take the KTM Komuter train to Batu Caves station. A one-way ticket should cost you roughly RM 2 (AU$0.60).

Can’t miss that 42.7m high golden statue of Murugan

2. This place understands you

No exercise? Why it will be my pleasure.

3. Watching others struggle going up and down the steps

4. Get a great clear view of the KL skyline

5. Into the bat cave we go

You know you’re in a cave when you are welcomed by the screeching noise of bats

6. The beautiful opening deep inside the cave

The shrines inside the Batu Cave are incredibly beautiful, but they should really do something about the toilet smell in some parts the cave.

7. Stop and get a closer look at the questionable artworks on display

I mean… I can’t even.

8. Golden shaved heads

Devotees of the faith shave their heads to cleanse themselves for the gods.

9. Be surrounded by monkeys

You can find these Macaques monkeys everywhere. They’re harmless as long as you aren’t hand carrying any food.

How cute are they!

10. Feel like you’re in India for an hour or two

Being at the Batu Caves felt like I was temporarily in another world. From the moment you exit the train station you’ll pass by a colourful Indian market lined leading up to the caves selling religious trinkets and food you will likely have never seen before in the menu of your local Indian restaurant back home. The Batu Caves should be on everyone’s list when visiting KL.

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